Analysis  of a Volunteers' Survey conducted by the Motorsport Safety Fund at the end of 2014 shows that:


1. Average age  Male 56.6 Female 50.1.

2. Number of years helping the sport
M 26.1  F 16.2

3. Number of events officiated at in 2014
M 15.4   F 13.7
Number of days this involved:
M 23.9   F 23

4. Compared with 2013 this was
More  11.5%   Less 37.7%  About the same 50.8%

5. In 2015 expect to do:
More 22.6%   Less 10.3%  About the same 67%

6. What limits the number of days spent marshalling?
Financial constraints were the key concerns mentioned,  fairly closely followed by family and work commitments plus other interests. Feeling undervalued, late finishes and small entry lists also made the top ten list of limiting factors.

7. Why specifically choose some clubs, locations or events?
In order of priority: travelling distance (" location is more important than the organising club" ), respect ( this word cropped up more than any other throughout the whole survey), treated well, appreciated, good briefings, get expenses. always get a lunch break.
Among the clubs 750, BARC, BRSCC and HSCC  received most good mentions  with Knockhill most praised among the circuits.

8. Miles travelled on average per event:   124.

9. Incentives marshals should receive:
26.9% placed recognition in first place way ahead of anything else.
Then came : guaranteed finish time, guaranteed lunch break, token payment*, meal voucher, expenses ("valued by youngsters in particular" was one comment).

* Only 1%  mentioned 'formal payment' and nobody listed this as their top priority.

Other comments in answer to the incentive question:

10. Trained for the task(s) you undertake?
Yes 98%  No 2%

11. Who provided the training?
MSA 45.5%   Club 39.7%  Circuit/championship 14.7%

12. Hours training per year?  12.

13. Consider this adequate?  90% said yes.

14. How could training be improved?
A large majority (80.4%) left this section blank. Suggestions from the remaining  the 19.6% included:
Spread training days throughout the year.

15. Prepared to train over the internet? Yes 42%  No 58%

16. What First Aid training have you received?
54% basic introduction to First Aid
14% no training
36% of training funded by motorsport  organisation, 28% funded by employer and 18% by self.

17. Marshalled abroad?
No 74% .
12% have done so some six times.

18. Ever competed?
44% no
30% stage or road rallies
12% circuit racing or autotests.

19. Competed in 2014?
85% no.

20. How prefer to receive information on volunteering?
 Email 36.5%
 Post 26.9%
 Via club magazine 23.6%
 Internet site 12.9%
Also mentioned: text to mobile, phone.

21. Use to get information on motorsport?
In order of priority:
Email 49% ,websites 36% followed by  TenTenths, FaceBook, post, YouTube,apps.

22. How did you get involved?
Talking to a marshal  32.7%
Via motor club 30.8%
Via family 15.4%
Others (including an ad in an event programme) 21.1 %

23. Member of a marshals' club?
BMMC 34.4%
BARC / BRSCC / HSCC / 750 / MSVR / Silverstone: 50%
None 15.6%

24. On a club committee?  Yes 36%  No 64%

25. Magazines read.
Motorsport News 23.5%
None. 23.5%  "Too expensive. Get it all online".
Autosport 13.2%
Motor Sport 13.2%
MSA News 8.8%
Others  29.7%

The people, respect, being thanked, plenty of notice of events, covered signing-on area, food provided.
Being undervalued, poor facilities, poor grids/dull racing, late finishes, pompous nose-in-the-air officials.
Officials reluctant to take action against certain 'star' drivers.
 The weather : "Can't light my pipe which is a patented Scottish anti-midge machine."

27. Other activities.
None 21%  Family 17%  Community/charity 17%
followed by travel, walking, other sports, gardening etc.

28. How do you prioritise?
Family first then  finance and  quality of events.


THANK YOU again to all those who  helped with the survey. As promised, personal details have not been  passed on to any other parties and all entries have now been deleted or shredded.