The Motorsport Safety Fund has produced a number of films to aid safety training.

The films are free to download from Vimeo by clicking the text links. The films are also available on YouTube which you can view directly through some televisions and set top boxes on the Motorsport Safety Fund channel.

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Motorsport Vehicle Recovery
This page contains 12 more films

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Flag films

Spectator Safety

"Spectator Safety" a short film covering spectator safety.

First on the Scene

"First on the Scene" a short film covering what to do if you are first on the scene.

Rally Safety for Organisers

"Rally Safety for Organisers" covers everything from how to build an organising team to planning and laying out a stage and dealing with the media.

Rally Safety for Marshals

"Rally Safety for Marshals" spans everything from personal equipment and safety to dealing with a serious incident

Rally Safety for Competitors

"Rally Safety for Competitors" deals with issues ranging from personal preparation and fitness to car preparation and what to do in the event of an accident.

Rallye Sicherheitsfolie

With the approval and support of the Motorsport Safety Fund, the DMSB - the national governing body of motor sport in Germany in membership of the FIA - have been the first country to produce their own language version of the Fund’s 2014 Rally Safety film. This facility is also available to other countries on request to the Fund, and it is encouraging to see the resource being shared across the global motor sport family to increase safety awareness

It Could Happen To You

Advice on personal preparation and equipment to help newcomers take up the sport in safety.

Motorsport Marshalling

A comprehensive guide to marshalling. Contents include: equipment, handling spectators and marshalling at races, rallies and other events.

Motorsport First Aid Part 1

This film incorporates recent recommendations by the European Resuscitation Council. In two parts, the first offers a broad look at the subject while the second goes into detail on such things as removing helmets and HANS devices as well as on how to right a rolled car without injuring the driver/s.

Motorsport Rescue

A guide to equipment and how to use it to extricate drivers from crashed cars and how to work with medical personnel while doing so.

Motorsport Firefighting

A guide to equipment and how to use it to extricate drivers from crashed cars and how to work with medical personnel while doing so.

Medical Support for Motorsport

Produced by the FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety with the help of the Motorsport Safety Fund, this film is intended to help encourage more medical personnel to assist at events. It is in two parts, the first gives a brief outline of the sport and the work of medical staff; the second looks in more detail at the equipment and skills needed.