Information Sheets

These two pages of information were built-in to the Fund's discontinued clipboards. Click on a thumbnail to download the pdf.

Silverstone Fire Tender cut out model

Silverstone fire tender

To make a model of the Silverstone fire tender, download the pdf by clicking on the thumbnail image (left). Print the file onto stiff card, cut out and assemble.

Smartphone epub

Electronic versions of The Pocket Guide to Marshalling

The Pocket Guide to Marshalling is available as an e-book that can be read on dedicated eBook readers such as the Kindle; Smartphones using the Android or iPhone operating systems which have eBook reader apps or computers with software capable of displaying eBooks in the widely used ePub format and also the mobi format, which is used by the Kindle.

To download the eBook version of the Pocket Guide, right-click on the phone image left, select the "Save Target As" option and choose the location where you wish to save it.

If you are using Windows Internet Explorer, change the file extension from ".zip" to ".epub" when you save it or before transferring to your eBook reader.If you are downloading to a PC and want to read the Guide on a Smartphone or dedicated eBook reader, you will need to copy the file to the folder on the device where you keep your eBooks – on Smartphones, often the folder that also contains the eBook reader app. Launch the eBook reader app, find and open the Pocket Guide as you would with any other eBook. Use the Table of Contents (TOC) to find the chapter and topic you want to read and away you go. Free Smartphone e-book reader apps such as FBReader or Aldico are available from the Android Market.
Free readers for iPhones are available from the Apple applications marketplace.


Flagtraining mobile

Motorsport Safety Fund Flag Training Flashcards

The Fund is developing a series of electronic 'Flashcards' to help marshals remind themselves of key training messages. The first 'pack' of Flashcards focuses on flagging and will run on the iFlashcards Free app, developed by which is available in versions for both Android Smartphones and the iPhone. To use the Flashcards you will need to download the iFlashcards Free app to your Smartphone/iPhone. Information about downloading sets of Flashcards is available on the website. To download the cards themselves, launch the iFlashcards Free app on your Smartphone and select the Card Management button. Launch the app on your Smartphone, select "Browse All Online Cards" from the list of options, enter the word marshal in the search box that appears and press the Search button. The Flag Marshal's training cards should be listed and you will be able to download and save them. If you return to the app's introductory screen they should appear in the list displayed if you select My Cards. Select them from the list, touch the screen and you are away. Remember, they are only Flashcards, designed to help you test your knowledge of flagging, not a substitute for a full-scale training session and experience out on the bank. Comments and suggestions from anyone who tries either the Pocket Guide e-book or the flagging flashcards should be sent to